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Want your child to be

Best Friend’s with MATH?

Yes, it is possible!

Welcome to “The Math Pal”.

Thank you for paying us a visit. We are on a mission to help your student become best friends with Math.


Brain Development & Mind  Math Skills  for ages 5  & up

Competitive Math

Advanced Problem solving  & Competing for Elementary & Middle school.

Vedic Math

Mind Math Skills for ages
10 & up

Vedic math program
Abacus circle program
Competitive maths program

What’s new!

  • Now enrolling Abacus Kindergartners.

  • New Batches of Abacus Math (Grade 1 and up ) are starting soon!

  • New Batches of Vedic Math (Grades 4 and up) starting soon!

  • Enquire about our Competitive Math training for the Noetic Spring 2024 Contest!!


   Noetic Results 

   Four National Honor Rolls !!

   Six National Honorable Mentions !!

Leena Founder of The MathPal

Ms Leena
Founder of The Math Pal

We strongly believe that education should be empowering, and Math should be a confidence builder for every student.


Our focus is to educate, enrich and most importantly empower kids with Math skills so that they look forward to their math tests at school, they are eager to participate in various Math competitions, and dream sweet dreams of success on the nights before their report cards are sent home.

How do we do this?

The various courses offered at The Math Pal are based on techniques used since ancient times across different cultures to improve the speed and accuracy of mathematical computations. The courses are aligned in a manner so that students can always relate them to their curriculum at school.


Once a student gets used to getting accurate answers in a short period of time, they start feeling confident and are ready to take up more challenging problems, as this cycle repeats, fear of numbers is left far behind and they are ready to face every challenge (math or otherwise) with a positive attitude.

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Improve Speed

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Improve Accuracy

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Improve Confidence

How we do this
Our 9-year old daughter has been taking Abacus classes at The Math Pal for over two years. The teaching method and instruction is exceptional. It is kind, it is caring, there are rules, and it is effective. Our daughter loves to do mental math and this foundation has greatly helped her in the classroom and in life. We highly recommend The Math Pal, as it has been a great help to nurture an enjoyment of math for our child.

- Paul & Kathy

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