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What is Abacus Math?

Abacus Math is a mental Math program that enables students to be faster, accurate and confident at mathematical computations.


This program is based on the Japanese abacus tool known as the “Soroban”.

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What will my student learn in the Abacus Math Program?

Abacus Math teaches the use of the abacus tool to perform the following mathematical computations.

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Multiplication

  • Division


As a student progresses in this course, they learn abacus visualization techniques and can perform mathematical computations with great speed & accuracy.

Why should my student learn Abacus Math?

Students who learn to operate the abacus tool & perform mathematical operations using it experience the benefits of the left and right brain stimulation.


The Abacus Math curriculum at The Math Pal includes various exercises which are aimed at

  • Improving a student’s Focus

  • Developing their photographic memory

  • Sharpening their Listening skills

  • Improving speed & accuracy of calculations

  • Building confidence

  • Helping students in applying abacus techniques to their school math curriculum

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Why The MathPal Abacus is unique?

We understand that each student learns differently based on their age and their grasping ability.

We have courses aligned in a manner that they can be easily tailored to each individual student’s level.

We let the student decide his/her pace of progress while encouraging and motivating them.



  • Ages 5 & up

  • Abacus Addition & Subtraction techniques

  • Introduction to Mind Math.

  • Gradual progression from single digit to double digit number computations.

  • Engaging Worksheets based on images & activities.

  • Developing skills & nurturing interest.

  • Merge into the intermediary program.


  • Ages 6 & up

  • Abacus Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Techniques.

  • Developing strong Mind Math Skills.

  • Application of Abacus Mind Math techniques to regular Math.

  • Common Core based Word problems using Abacus Mind Math techniques.


  • Progression from the Abacus Experts course

  • Mastery over Abacus mind math computations involving larger & more numbers.

  • Ability to perform complex mathematical computations using Abacus Techniques like Decimal computations, Percentage calculations etc.

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